A.I.T. provides customized handling modules for each customer.


Roller conveyors

Different roller systems are possible for the transport of pallets of different shapes and sizes. Made with multiple motorized or idle rollers placed next to each other, with a structure made of aluminum or electro-welded metal profiles. Ideal for transporting pallets.

Chain conveyors

To move goods on the horizontal and vertical axis  with limited motor powers compared to other systems. Equipped with very resistant flat steel chains and special guides and rubber inserts to make them efficient and silent.

On request they are made in any size.

Belt conveyors

Much used in the logistics sector, they have considerable flexibility of use also in other fields.

The rubber / PVC band forms a closed ring band and therefore without end, pulled by rollers.

The outer surface of the belt is that on which the load is placed, while the internal surface is usually in contact with a motor drum.

In order that the weight of the load and the unavoidable disturbing elements do not compromise the correct tension of the belt, the device is provided, along its length, with other drums, called bearing drums. Alternatively, metal sheets can also serve to stabilize their position and movement.

The transfer of materials between the loading and unloading area is regulated externally by side walls which prevent it from being released.

Modular conveyors

Polyethylene (PE), POLYPROPYLENE (PP), Poliacetal (POM) tapes, for light and heavy applications, such as transportation of people and goods, transport lines for light and heavy vehicles.

Rotating tables

Operated by pneumatic cylinder or through a gear motor (for rotation degree higher than 90°)

Accessories for conveyors

  • Rollers and components
  • Modular tapes
  • Belts and tapes
  • Accessories for chains